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Soft tacos are not tacos


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soft tacos are in the burrito family


tacos are crunchy and have ROUND bottoms

I agree with Nate again. I think this is the third sign of the apocalypse or something.  Wasn't this prophesied in Revelations or something?

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okay, since none of you are from Texas, which was part of Mexico until we stole it from them back in my great great great great great grand pappy jsharr's day (actually he was esharr and his son was esharrjr)

I am the only one here fit to pass judgement on all of ya'll and your taco misconceptions.  Many of ya'll, and ya know who ya are, also think that chili has beans in it.  It does not.


Tacos and flautas, by definition are crunchy.  Fajitas and burritos and other such stuff are not crunchy.  Tacos are served in a fried corn tortilla shell (in the jsharr family we fry our own in cast iron skillet) contain spiced ground beef, lettuce ( and in the sharr family that lettuce is dressed with McCormick Salad Supreme, Tabasco sauce, vinegar and oil) grated cheese and can be further garnished with tomato (I do not advise this) diced onions (acceptable, but barely) and salsa (nothing mangoy or such, just good old red or green salsa).


Tacos may be served with rice and beans.  The beans may be re-fried, black or borracho.


Tacos are best accompanied by a glass of iced beer or an ice cold cerveza.


The breakfast taco is the exception here.  It is served in a soft flour tortilla and it can contain just about anything.  Mine this weekend contained scrambled eggs, bacon, t bone steak, cheese and salsa.


I have spoken.


And I meant to include the surf monkey out on the west coast.  They will get on high on their drugs and toss all kinds of crap on a soft tortilla and try to call it a taco.  Grilled shrimp and bananas and tempura battered squid and mango and I do not know what all.  Do not let them fool you .  They are not experts here.  Tacos are Tex Mex not CaliMexi Fusion or some such.


My grandmother jsharr on my dad's side used to make tamales that were so good that when he took them to lunch in his lunch box at the refinery, (yep, us sharr's are blue collar honest folk, the Mexican workers would try to trade him for them.  Let one of them surf monkeys out in Calistoneyia try to get a real Mexican to trade for his Mango Soy soft taco.  Not gonna happen.

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here in California where we have real live Hispanic folks, if you go to a tacqueria or a Taco Truck you will get a soft taco that has a soft corn shell.....not some deep fried thing that is crunchy.


for those of you who live in areas without any authenic food of this type...be quiet you probably wouldn't know a tamale if it hit you

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