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Ethel...get the gun

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1 minute ago, Old#7 said:

They just walk through our yard line they own the place.


I assume you know the W&OD parking lot just over the 28 overpass.  There was a large meadow where you could stand at the edge of the lot and watch herds of deer grazing at dusk.  Sadly (to me), they have recently begun building a new data center there,  so that meadow is gone.  Hopefully, the deer migrate to the other side of the path since there are still some open fields over there.

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and the baby daddy at the park. Oden the Shedder came nose to nose with him in the shrubs


Update....i just heard a couple of pops over by the park. Didn't really sound like gunshots though. Be safe baby daddy

that picture makes it hard to see the rack (twss). 4 point. And enough venison to get through the Winter. But no hunting in town...and the state patrol is about 3 blocks away

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I got semi-lost in a park's woods to get a good look at several of them yesterday.  Jake the Golden Doodle usually spots or smells them before I do but either didn't notice the white tail deer blending into the underbrush or has gotten so used to seeing them he didn't care.


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