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Movie Review: The Parasite.

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@Olas Nah  Chime in if you've seen this one. Went with my daughter last night.

Absolutely crazy movie about a bunch of Koreans.  2 main families and a couple, leave you scratching your head about who really are the parasites. 

We both found it very intense and really liked it.  Walked away saying Glad I don't live in Korea.

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Haven't seen it yet, but I go to films very rarely these days. 

I watched "John Wick 3" on a flight from NYC and my lord, it was awful stuff. 

I cannot stand the shoddy choreography of the gunplay. The right intent is there, but you can tell that the director doesn't believe in editing and quick cuts to avoid the fact that all the actors are clearly preparing to make their moves on a numbered count rather than instinctively. And Wick's virtually only line in the entire movie is "Guns, more guns", straight out of The Matrix. 


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