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2 elevators down


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:scratch head:   Today...one is operational with double clutching wacky doors...the other is dead dead dead...guy says electrical took a hit...WTF hasn't been a storm in a week..we lost power 22.5 weeks ago but the one elevator is on the generator..WTF fried circuits ...$800,000 of elevator renovation and we got 2 elevators messed up on a friday aternoon...........


Otis...they were the cheap bid.

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Sometimes when the power company performs switching operations with their equipment it can create pretty much the same effect as a lightning strike on their lines as far as electronic equipment is concerned. 



You can also get the same results if a piece of equipment starts to fail and creates an arc.  (You can get the idea in the first ten seconds, so you don't have to ask for time back)


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