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Weekend review

Parsnip Totin Jack

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Friday afternoon my wife had a doctor appt with an orthopedic surgeon to talk about knee replacements.  She has a degenerative condition with little to no cartilage behind the kneecap.  The dr. is concerned about osteo so we're going to the hospital tomorrow for a bone scan.  After the appt I donated blood as we were close to the donor center and I'm eligible again.  They gave me two movie passes for donating, these were passed on to our son (see Transformers movie review).


Saturday I woke early and went for a ride along the Miami River Rd.  Beautiful day for a ride.  At one point on the ride a young man on a beater bike rode up to the light I was waiting for and asked if I wanted to race.  Sure, old fat guy vs youngster full of piss and vinegar.  Light turned green and he took off.  I rode behind him, drafted him I guess and talked up a storm. "Dude, get that rear wheel trued, you're wobbling all over the place.  Is the the fastest you can go?  My grandmother is faster than you."  That sort of shit.  passed him just before the finish laughing.  He was laughing too, said he needs to get a better bike.  Keep riding was my reply.  Finished with 50 miles.


Saturday night we went to a criterium in Hyde Park.  Ate dinner at a pub and had a pint of Stone IPA, a Rhinegeist Pils and a Dogfish 60 minute IPA.  During dinner we watched the women's Cat 1/2 race and it rained most of the race.  The storm passed and we went out to watch the men race.  Very fast race, we stayed to the end.  My wife liked watch the crit, this was her first.  Enjoyable evening overall.


Sunday: church, brunch, bike ride (23 miles).  A friend came by in the afternoon and we bottled his IPA.  Sixty 12-ounce bottles.  We got a good yield out of that batch and it tastes promising.  We'll see in four weeks.

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Stressful...negotiating with buyer based on the inspection report and the fact that the trees on the property are protected.

I gave them $1,500 towards closing costs....they wanted $5,500.

Packed up about 1/3 of what needs to be packed.

Ordered a POD like thing delivered to the house next week (when I'm on vacation) so we can get things packed up.

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Met RW and RB at cocktail place on Friday and had drinks and then crappy food at crappy little italian craphole that looked nice.  It wasn't.


Saturday I rambled, then went to pop up picnic that RW's friend sent us an invite for.  Basically, you made your own food, brought your own drinks, and everybody was supposed to wear all white.  I don't like shitshows like this, but the wife and her friend were all happy about things, so I went along. turned out to be kind of cool.  Ben Folds played, they kept the performer AND the location secret until the day of the event.  It was in a nice area of Prospect Park.  Oh, crap, hot chicks everywhere, target rich for single people.  I kept thinking about a friend of mine who couldn't meet anyone, but only hung out in beer snob places.  I told him he should be hanging in wine bars where the chicks are at, he was too stupid to act on it.  This was the kind of event he should be spending his time at.  It was fun, beautiful night, everybody in the whole place was cool.


Yesterday I hung out with RB after my long (11 mile) bike ride and binged on old Star Trek episodes, season 3.

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