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June 29 miles and such


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Menominee River Century Ride, Marinette WI


I signed up to do the 120k which usually ends up around 75 miles. This year there was road construction, so they said they were trying to keep it to 80 miles in an attempt to also get us our miles. The cue sheet said 80 miles; Map My Ride and other peoples' computers said 85 miles. UGH! My longest ride ever.



The bad weather that's been battering the midwest and PP in Minnesota was supposed to be coming into our area. I was going to get up early, feed the cats, then get going to the ride (60 miles away). I checked the radar and saw a line of storms heading for us, so I decided to wait here a while where I was comfortable in my easy chair rather than sit around in a hot gymnasium waiting to get on my bike. I was also worried about rain, wind, hail, and a chance at a tornado. Turns out I waited just the right amount of time; there was a short, heavy rain as I pulled into the parking lot and another little sprinkle just before I took off for the ride. After that, it was just fairly windy and then sunny and hot. Most of the time the wind was at my back or my side, so it was actually fairly helpful. And the best part was I didn't have to throw my bike into a ditch and lie on top of it as a tornado went by!  (yes, I would try to save my bike!)


Food, as always, was plentiful and yummy. I think I'm getting better about riding without taking in a ton of food. It's not as much fun for this event (loads of great food!), but I think it shows some maturity/experience in my cycling. Don't get me wrong, I ate well; but sadly I only had one brownie this year. Dang.


Another thing I really like about this ride is the scenery. Lots of farm country and lots of green! This year has been pretty rainy, so it's VERY green. Hmm, just realized it wasn't real buggy. Nice!


I was at mile 72 and realized how tired I was when at a rest stop I was looking for my bike and saw it and thought, "Oooh, that one's nice!" Wait, that's mine! Ha!  I pick THIS one!


Stressful start to the day because of the weather, but I ended up having a good time. Long ride for me, but it's good to push beyond what I've done in the past. Best part was I didn't have to jump into a ditch to save my bike and me from a tornado!!

(Don't judge me on this photo; couldn't get a good selfie when I was so tired and sweaty!)



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