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Run in with the 5'O


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Last night (around 22:00) I decided a friend of mine and I should go out to the archery range.. We did not bring the bows with us, but brought along a few beers and metal detectors.
As we were scouring the field for lost and stray arrows the big bad 5'O came seeking up on us. He asked us what we thought we were up too, I replied with "looking for buried treasure.. He chuckled and told us "If your looking for the bootie, the bar down the street closes at 2am". We explained we were looking for the bootie that is clean and plague free.. He told us to have fun, but if we find his arrows to make sure he gets them back.

the haul was 13 carbon, 18 aluminum, 7 children's, and 20 field points with inserts.

not a bad score for 1 hour of searching and 1 hour of drinking :)

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Archery is the latest hipster thing, as of the last couple of years.  That makes me not want to do it.
Are you guys hipsters?

I am redneck

^^^ this

what is nice is the grass is about three inches deep. Finding an arrow is a complete hassle. I think this is going to be a money maker since I know someone who will buy the aluminum ones
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I think it's just awful that there were 7 abandoned childrens, on an archery range no less!

if you seen how these kids shoot, you would have left them there also! we just tossed them a loaf of bread to fight over! 

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White bread I hope.

Yup... No Rye up in here! 


If the guy was only 5ft tall, obviously the kids arrows were his.  You should've returned them to him.

nope... he was a BIG boy! I would say 6 foot and 360lbs.. He was kind of scary... I will buy him a box of doughnuts for the next time we are out. 

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