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So SW was right!


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Bad stuff did happen to Roadrunner.


I bet SW had a voodoo doll of Roadrunner and he stuck it on a toy bike and rammed it into a barrier.


That is not funny SW.


So, what else does SW know that we don't know that he knows?  Is there stuff that only he knows he knows and we have no idea that he knows or is most of the stuff he knows stuff that others know but we don't know?  I need to know.

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You people suck, I'm leaving.  I might ride home and get squashed by a big truck, then we'll see who's laughing!

I've been bullied and I won't stand for it.


If this is going to happy, just make sure WoSW knows where to send the checks so the forum doesn't die with you.


Been nice knowing you!

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