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As if we needed a reason to laugh at California...


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Remember Alice in the Brady Bunch?


Well, apparently, Californians actually have live in nanny's to do their housework. Ok, fair enough. But there's a nanny out there who got a job off Craig's List, then moved in and just stopped working and stayed in her room, only coming out at meal times.


The couple went to court where a California judge upheld the nanny's contention that she wasn't fired legally and that the family was guilty of abuse of the elderly.


Then the family discovers that the "nanny" had been homeless for the last 9 years


So now the nanny has stated that she will move out this week if "it isn't too hot" and that it will take her 3 days to move out.


All this because a judge let a vagrant stay in the house of a family after she quit working for them?


There's a lot of FAIL here. First, the stupid family seems to have been feeding her for a month after she quit working and decided to hole up in her room. If you don't stop feeding them, strays will never leave.


Second, what the hell happened to just physically throwing all her out of the house?


Third, how the hell could a judge rule in favor of this crazy homeless nanny woman? Only in the liberal utopia of California is a complete stranger entitled to squat in your house with the full protection of the law


Anyhow, I haven't bashed the west coast in a few hours, so suck on that you left coast hippy freaks! :P

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