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Speaking of new rides


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How many bikes do you have?  How many do you need?


 We have a lot of them.  The calculation of bikes you need is always N + 1


If you buy that I'd suggest you ask the shop for a real seat.  Otherwise they're putting the swindle on you.


Seat?  You don't sit on that seat.  You stand and pedal this bitch.  

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I didn't mean to imply road was better. For me it's too much work to get to a trail, ride, clean up, go home, clean the bike... I can go on my bike and ride from my driveway and go many miles.


No worries.  I was definitely implying that MTB is far superior.   :D  ;)


I can ride from my house to trail in about 10 minutes.  I can ride everywhere in this town.  Traffic here is like 20 cars at a light.

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