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Happy Monday...slept for crap last night!


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I was ready to fall asleep in my chair last night...so I went to bed at 9pm...and tossed..around midnight I took a benadryl  Woke up about 5:30 and reset my alarm from 6 to 6:30...and then got up 15 minutes later :wacko:  I over used my shoulder so I am back to doing my PT work..and I just had breakfast!!

2 eggs, mushroom, onion, yellow pepper, spinach and feta cheese....Mmmmmm

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2 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Why did you sleep in a chair?

My parent’s place is not optimized for sleeping visitors.  

RO is on the loveseat, still asleep but stirring.  I could have set up the air bed last night, but was just so tired that the recliner seemed less fussy.  I might just adapt to the chair whilst here on principle. 

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