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Would you let jsharr

Square Wheels

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give you a sponge bath?


He offered one to Roadrunner.  I'm a bit skeptical, but willing to keep an open mind.  I'll wait for the review.


In the superlative form of things.....  No, aint't no way, only when one of us is dead.

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Where's the review, I missed it.  Were there candles?  Champagne?  Kenny G?

No. That's not his style. Death Metal in the background. Some kind of mind numbing incense (made me quite fuzzy). He used red food coloring in the water to make it look like blood (at least that's what he told me). Lots and lots of candles that had odd demonic faces. It was quite pleasant, actually. I love the faux sacrifice in the corner of the room (again, he told me it was faux).

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