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Tonight, there will be much meat


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We don't do an extended family Christmas Eve meal, mainly because a few are very active in their Catholic Parishes' Christmas Eve activities.  My cousin John and his wife Sue are both retired from over 40 years working for Social Security, beginning with work-study in high school, and have fantastic pensions.  They're doing an extended family dinner and treating a couple dozen of my other cousins to lobster tail and excellent side-dishes and drink tonight at their home across the Susquehanna River from Wilkes-Barre), PA.  If it wasn't a 3.5 hour drive and having to be back home on Christmas Day, I'd be there!

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3 hours ago, Dirtyhip said:

Fondue.  :D  Something about deep fried meat. Why does it taste so good?  LOL @Randomguy

I am very very excited.  It is one of the favorites.  My friend will have a nice spread.  I am bringing the gingerbread house and candies for the kid.  

It’ll kill you!  If it doesn’t, it will make you stronger.  

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