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Christmas foods


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Thanksgiving being Turkey Day, Christmas and Easter are typically ham days - which I've found amusing ever since I realized that the subject of the celebrations, Jesus of Nazareth, believed during his life on earth in not eating pork!

But outside of Thanksgiving we're more than happy to eat whatever the women in our extended family who plan these things decide to cook. We're having beef for Christmas dinner in a couple hours.  I don't know what we're having for our bigger, extended-family dinner on Saturday - probably ham - but in keeping with ignoring Jesus' kosher routine, I'm bringing kielbasa (Polish pork sausage) and sauerkraut.  Other non-kosher affronts like eating beef and cheese together and veggies with crab dip will probably be present.

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Crab dip—-  cannot wait to Maryland to get some.   Bar i is the maker of the crab dip in my family. She also pushed pills. Maybe this is why her crab dip is the best?  Wedding, funeral, holiday,  bat mitzvah, or other special days, you can be sure crab dip will be there. 

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