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I won a thermostat

Square Wheels

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Last year I won a coveted parking space for the month of November. It was kind of fun to boot the midnight security guard out of "my" space. Pulled up behind his car and headed through the guard shack, he was squawking about I couldn't park there, I said that someone was in my spot, he said that's my car, I said that's my spot, he said, oh, I guess you won the contest. 

This year I won a vacation day. This year is better.

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9 minutes ago, Airehead said:

You win a lot of things. 

...you know the joke about the old Jewish guy, Abe, who gets down on his knees one night, and prays to God ?


"God, please help me win the lottery.  I have always been faithful to you, and a good provIder for my family. I keep all your commandments, and my kitchen is kosher.  I need this from you, God."

There's a loud thunderclap, and the voice of God almighty rings out. "Abe, to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket."

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Funny, but another retiree, who worked for AT&T, and I who retired from public high school teaching, talked Saturday evening about donating to United Way of Central Maryland through our paychecks.

In the late 90's there was a big scandal where the top-dogs of United Way of Central Maryland were making 3x what their counterparts in other United Way locations got and where they were cooking the books to pad expense accounts.  While the crooks were forced to resign, they were never asked to return money and United Way never publicly condemned them.

We workers automatically donating didn't get a single letter ot apology or explanation - just a letter at the beginning of the next school year urging to donate more.

I and most teachers in our building stopped donating and I learned Saturday evening that many local AT&T workers, who had figured out they didn't get a bonus at the end of the year if they didn't automatically donate to United Way of Central Maryland, stopped donating after that scandal as well - including the relative I was talking to.

I hope your United Way branch has better people than our jerks.

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