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Looks like no gym or grocery store today.


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5 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

I was planning on going to the gym first thing and then getting groceries. I can’t leave my wife alone today. Cancer sucks.

It certainly does.  Spending time with a loved one - in good or tough times - still trumps any time at the gym or running errands, but I know a break also helps recharge you to continue being a great partner.

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She got a phone call that woke her up. It was someone from Allegheny asking her how she was doing. She tried to talk to them but kept throwing up. They said they were sorry to bother her, They let her go.

She took a drug they prescribed for nauseous and then she was too dizzy to walk to the bathroom. I managed to get her there and back when needed. I worked a bit on a storage area downstairs. I was packing up canning jars to give away. How in the heck did we get so many canning jars? So far today she has had a glass of chocolate milk and an apple.

Her $12,000 a month drug is wearing her out.

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56 minutes ago, Airehead said:

The journey is hard but what a gift to love so much. When she is up to it, talk about how nice it was to have all the grandchildren filling the house for Christmas. 

Christmas was one of her better days. She stayed in her recliner but enjoyed talking with the grandkids and the snuggles. The chemo makes her body give off a nasty smell. We cleaned her up with lots of baby wipes and deodorant and a little perfume before the kids got here. We didn’t want to offend the little ones. They still gave her snuggles and hugs so it must have worked. Either that or their love is stronger than stink.

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