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Big families: means more to give away happily


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Just before I moved from Toronto to Vancouver, I happily unloaded a solid wood bookcase, desk and chair to a sister, a full computer desktop unit with some drawers and matching chair, to another sister, 4 dining chairs to a 3rd sister, and about 30 books (out of 200 books) were claimed by various family members (siblings & 2 older niece, nephew).

THen when I landed in Vancouver, within 1 month I gave away my sofa and a floor lamp to dearie's mother.  I could see later when visiting family over the next decade or so, my stuff was used after all. That made me content.

Unfortunately now with family members living so far away in another province, "giving away" stuff to those who I know and could use "stuff", is not possible.  And no, we can't place things at the curb for passerbys to pick up:  living in condo highrises in downtown core, is not allowed by any municipality.

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