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Got two things done today. I'm improving!


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1. Lathed Delivered: Wrestled and dragged and hand trucked a 100 lb metal lathe over to my brother-in-law's. Forgot the motor but since I'll see him tomorrow that's no problem.

2. Leaking Car Tire Plugged: While I had BIL and his vehicle handy in case something went wrong, I fixed the slow leak in my car's front-left tire. I found the 1" long screw buried to it's head at the bottom of a groove in the middle of the tire and my brother in law guided me forward in his driveway until the screw was in perfect position to be taken out without removing the tire from the car.  The screw's head was intact and I removed it easily with a screwdriver, use the rasp tool, then apply the plug and glue to the insertion tool and twist it into place before the little Honda Fit tire went flat. Filled it up with air, checked for a leak by spraying Windex on the plug, saw none, and drove away contented.

3?. Present to Wrap: I may get around to wrapping the White Elephant present (Four 16 oz. Microwavable Striped Sedona Coffee Mugs as seen on "Two and Half Men") for the Present Party and Dinner we're having a 2 pm or wait until the kielbasa and sauerkraut and caraway seeds are marinating around noon - I'm sore after the lathe workout.

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