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Christmas White Elephant Results


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This was the first White Elephant for all of us and I think we all enjoyed it.  The adults in our extended family have, in the last few years, been picking names from a hat to give gifts because we've reached the point where we're well off that we don't need to get gifts from everyone else in the group.

We also had a Saran Wrap Game where the hostess wrapped a bunch of things in a ball of Saran Wrap and as you unwrapped it a dollar, a pack of gum, a lottery scratch-off, etc. could unwrapped.  A $20 bill was at the center.  We picked numbers out of a hat to find player #1 from whom the next player would be the person to her left, etc. in the circle we formed.  As #1 began unwrapping, #2 rolled a pair of dice and when doubles were reached, #1 had to stop unwrapping, #2 began unwrapping, and #3 (to #2's left) rolled the dice, etc.

The roll lasted until 13 of us had at least two tries at unwrapping.  My BIL, just before me, just missed getting to end of the wrap, it went to me, and I got the $20 at the end.

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5 hours ago, donkpow said:

I've never heard of the "stealing" thing. Except before the party starts, of course.

This White Elephant thing has become a fad - often with office parties.  Some of us didn't think we'd like it, but we did.  We still did a separate gift thing for close family members - especially the kids.

Some require joke gifts, Ours didn't. Numbers are drawn from a hat and #1 picks one of the wrapped gifts - each participant has provided one, in our game, with a $40 cost limit.  When it's #2's turn, he/she can decide to steal #1's gift or pick one of the remaining unopened presents. If it's a steal, then #1 gets to pick another unopened present since you can't immediately re-steal a present stolen from you.  As the game goes on, #7 may steal from #3 who then steals from #1 who then steals the gift that #7 just stole.  There is a limit of 3 steals to each gift.  After the last gift is opened, #1 gets one last opportunity to initiate a round of stealing.

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