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Have you ever tried these pretzels? OMG.


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We don't have them in Central Maryland, but we have similar-looking twisted pretzel sticks that come in regular, honey, and couple other flavors.  When there was a group meeting (exam writing, coaches sports event scheduling, etc. for our 12 high schools) at the Board of Ed. when I was working, some board person would always set out a bowl or two of homemade trail mix with those pretzels, m&m's, Fritos, raisins, etc.  The pretzels were always the first ones to go!

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I have always loved a good soft pretzel. I'll probably have to go get one at the grocery store and check them out.

A small town very near here has a pretzel making operation. http://www.marchelepretzel.com/ 

Another small town on the other side of the city has an annual 'Pretzel Festival'. Carnival vendors sell pretzels but they are not that good. Too hard and dry. http://pretzelfestival.com/live/

A little pretzel history: https://www.oldworld.ws/history-of-german-soft-pretzels.html

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