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It is a good thing I came across this..


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12 hours ago, Wilbur said:

Yes.  I hear it very distinctly when Americans try to pronounce roof and about in their best Canadian accent. 

Which section of CAnada gets irritated when Americans call themselves "Americans"?  That's always a sticky point.

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13 minutes ago, roadsue said:

He repeats himself. A lot! Do Canadians repeat themselves? 

It’s funny that his #1 don’t is to refrain from comparing Canada to the US, and then he compares Canada to the US and other countries in every next item. 

I don't know, we may. I don't know. 

He is American though.  Maybe his time in Canada stuck to him! 

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17 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

Do Canadians have an accent?

When I was at the U. of Toronto for one semester in 1975 (my IIT advisor became U. of T. Chem. Dept. Chairman and I finished my grad research and taught Organic Chem. Lab at U. of Toronto), I dated a French-Canadian girl who, with her sister, came down from northern Quebec to work as bilingual stewardesses on the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

When I said something like "Huh?" instead of "Eh?," it was realized at parties that I was an American and often the discussion would turn to accents and pronunciation. One French Canadian woman said, "I think it's funny how Americans say, "I drive my cah and drink in the bah."

I asked where in the States she had visited and, of course, she answered, "Boston."

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5 minutes ago, roadsue said:

WRONG! This is WRONG on so many levels. 

:loveshower: all places Canada that I've been and I cannot wait to go back. I might even move up there in the next year, or so.

I give @Wilbur a hard time.  I have years of sporadic documentation on this site and others that I claim Canadians are some of the nicest people I've met.  Wonderful people (at least to visitors).

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3 minutes ago, roadsue said:

Just tell people they're WRONG, on so many levels, in all caps. But you have to be pantsless when you do it, or it doesn't come across with the right tone.

I'm pretty much pantless all the time.  I've accepted that it has no impact one way or another -- which is unfortunate really. Their loss.

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