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Can anyone tell me what he is selling ?


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3 minutes ago, donkpow said:

That is a socket extension, two feet long,  sitting in a rather plush but dirty chair.

I see it now that you pointed it out. Wonder what size ?   1/2 " ?

Craigslist sometimes gives me concern for the future of humanity....

( I say that with a straight face, but used spellcheck 3 times to right this post)

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It's difficult to conceive of any bolt that far away from access on any sort of car.

I have used a similar tool to remove spark plugs through holes in the fender well at the track when it was too hot to reach them through the headers in the engine compartment.  That would be a much larger socket however.

I do have a stoopid crazy pedal wrench however made from a combo wrench cut in half and welded together with a piece of pipe.

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