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Where to Play NFL Playoffs Fantasy Games


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There used to a lot of for-free fantasy games to play during the playoffs.  The best one, mentioned below is the NFL.com NFL Fantasy Challenge (https://playoffchallenge.fantasy.nfl.com/). The article confirms the prize is a trip to the Super Bowl. Last year it was an all-expenses-paid trip to for, $750 in spending money, and you two watch the Super Bowl with a present or former NFL player and his guest.  Most of these require an entry fee that range ftom $12.95 to hundreds.

Playoff Fantasy Football: How and Where to Play

Playoff Fantasy Football: How and Where to Play
Scott Engel @scotteRotoEx Managing Director January 2, 2019 5:28PM EST

A Wide Selection of Playoff Fantasy Football Options for 2018

For many passionate Fantasy Football players, the gaming is not over when the NFL regular season ends. There are many ways to participate in NFL Playoff Fantasy Football, from entering for free to trying to score a major payout. We’ve outlined some of the most notable and well-established platforms to play on and the varying formats you will encounter. This will help you find the right fit for you, based on your level of play and interest, while also giving you the ability to compete in multiple styles of play, if you are more experienced. A lot of Playoff Fantasy Football Players prefer the longtime snake draft model, and we have included options for those as well.

The 2018 NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Menu

If you are an experienced and confident postseason Fantasy Football Playoff participant, then you can slap down $200 and join the NFFC Postseason Hold ‘Em Contest. There is a top prize of $125,000 and the Top 50 positions overall pay out, with the opportunity to at least make back your entry fee if you land in the prize pool range. You must compile a squad of 12 players, one from each team to start, and as NFL teams are eliminated, you can replace them with guys from active teams. So you can have two players from a team in the divisional rounds, three from a team in the conference championship and four from each team in the Super Bowl. Each week, player Fantasy points are multiplied by the number of consecutive weeks they are on your roster.

This is a total points contest throughout the NFL postseason, and the competition already appears to include some notable high stakes players such as Andy Saxton and Vlad Sedler, so if you end up in the money here it will certainly feel rewarding. This is a six-point TD pass format, so if you believe Andrew Luck can carry his team deep into the postseason as I do, he should be your Wild Card Round pick from the Colts. It is also a PPR contest, and I believe James White will be a big part of a possible New England Super Bowl push, so I would recommend him as the New England pick. If a player is on a team with a bye, his points are automatically doubled for his second round production.

The NFL.com Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge is the most widely advertised and arguably the best-known Fantasy Football Playoff game. You can play for free with the Grand Prize being a trip to next season’s Super Bowl. This a four-point passing TD format with no points for receptions. The points multiplication scoring is similar to what was previously described in the NFFC Game. There are eight-team rosters with no limits on players from any team. It’s a fun game if you are new to the Fantasy Football Playoff world. You can join individual groups while also competing overall. You’re only competing for the fun of it here with the hope of one overall prize, as opposed to the NFFC game.

Head2Head Sports has two Fantasy games for the NFL Playoffs. One is their Pro Playoff Pick ‘Em Game, which requires you to pick one player from each team, but rosters are locked once the Wild Card Round starts. It is a six-point TD pass and PPR format with a $12.95 entry and a $2,000 Grand Prize and 100 payout slots. Their Playoff Salary Cap Game is even more unique, with 32-team leagues and eight four team divisions. There is a $100 million salary cap for 11 players. The top overall prize is $2,500, and you get $125 for winning your own league. The entry is also $12.95. There is a DFS feel here for those of you well-versed in such a format. I would loosely keep the best DailyRoto selections in mind as you consult them every weekend on their prime bargain and punt plays.

RealTime Fantasy Sports has always been a top site to consider if you like a wide variety of games, as they always have been known for multiple selections in every sport. They have two games for the NFL playoffs, including the Playoff Challenge, with three different price and prize tiers. In their 10-team leagues, you can play for $20 to $60 with prizes from $100 to $600. You pick a roster of 14 players to lock in for the playoffs and choose eight starters every week.

RealTime’s Fantasy Championship Postseason Shootout has a $50,000 Grand Prize and a $159,000 prize Pool. There is a $125 entry fee and the Top 150 finishers win cash prizes. You must construct a 10-team lineup which includes two QBs and two flexes, and no lineup changes are allowed once the Wild Card round starts. You cannot pick more than two players from a team. This is another six point TD pass, PPR league. With two QBs and six points for a TD pass, Patrick Mahomes and Andrew Luck become very strong plays in my estimation.

DRAFT is dangling the lure of a $10,000 Grand Prize to their NFL Playoff Best Ball Winner. You’ll compete in a six-team league while going against all other participants on the site. Your five highest scoring players at QB, RB, WR/TE and two flex spots register points every week during the NFL Playoffs. It’s a half-point PPR format and ideally suited for Best Ball aficionados. Top 100 teams earn a DRAFT contest ticket.

Scout Fantasy offers a similar game in terms of points optimization, their Playoff Draft World Championship. Of your 14 draft choices, which includes kickers and defenses, your 11 highest scorers will register points each week. There is a $20,000 Grand Prize and you win $500 for finishing best in your six-team league. It’s a $199 entry fee and like in the NFFC, you should be prepared to face some top players for the big prizes, but there is a great sense of accomplishment and a very satisfying financial reward here in a familiar layout.

Many Fantasy players will want to run their own postseason leagues with people they are familiar with from NFL regular season formats. If you are looking to simply form a postseason draft league, MyFantasyLeague is a site to strongly consider. You can use their default scoring or set up your own formats, deciding on custom scoring for TD passes, receptions and much more if you so choose. In addition to draft style total points leagues, you can also create “contest style” formats where a player can only be used once during the entire NFL playoffs. In these formats, if you believe a team will be eliminated in any given week, but their best players will perform well, then you should roster them for a singular week. If you believe the Colts will take down the Texans this weekend, DeAndre Hopkins is a must-start this week. If you see the Seahawks advancing past Dallas, Chris Carson becomes a very attractive play.

More Ways to Play

-The FFPC Playoff Challenge is another high stakes format that is super competitive. They allow a max of 250 entries, a $200,000 Grand Prize and they are well established, boasting of being in the Fantasy Football Playoff game mix since 2003.

-Fantasy Factor is featuring a $2500 NFL Playoffs Contest for a $55 entry fee.

-If you are comfortable with the FanTrax league management service, they are also offering a Playoff Commissioner Product.


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