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Beautiful Music Friday

Square Wheels

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I'm really liking this guy. Listen to him play. Hes been playing lead guitar in Marty Stuart's band and now hes trying to make a go of it on his own. And you country music phobics don't get scared off by the cowboy hat. This rocks.  I forgot that Stuart is no slouch either.

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I could do without "today's country" but I've gotten hooked on the Marty Stuart Show on Sunday nights - Stuart and "Cousin Kenny" can both play the hell out of a Telecaster.  Pretty sure I heard them play this one on the show too. 

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This is my stepbrother.  I wasn't at this show, he lives a few hours away.  He's a really great guitar player, always has been.


This is one of the few "modern" covers he does, most of the shows he plays are his own music.  If you are ever in western Mass and get a chance to see him play, it's a great show for people who appreciate some good guitar.



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