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Leak in the Airedale Activity Area


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30 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Yesterday there was water on the floor under where the porch meets the barn or thereabouts. Not a lot. Einstein spoke with the nice lad at Burkholder Builders who were definitely upset to hear this. They are coming today, yes on the holiday, to figure out and hopefully fix the issues.   I told them to wait until tomorrow but they said nope we stand behind our work.  They are such nice young men that it makes me want to hire them to build something else. 

You could hire them to build a new deck for me. :flirtyeyess:

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2 hours ago, Longjohn said:

Leak in theAirdale activity area. Are you sure it’s water? :runcirclsmiley:

Yep, we could see it dripping from the ceiling. 

1 hour ago, donkpow said:

The Burkholders are good people. Just ask anybody.

I believe that is the common perception in and around Dundee. 

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