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Former student calls every year.


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The program with the French students was what started my Oldest son on his path as an English teacher.  Not an English teacher in the traditional sense, but an English as a second language teacher ESL.  He worked with womaxx and the last year we hosted he was the primary teacher as womaxx was busy all summer long in school, having changed to a 12 month position.  He was actually still in high school at the time and we had to pretend that womaxx was the full time teacher........  He did it well.  He also attended a 2 year crash course in Japanese at the University of Central CT, Majored in Finance and minored in Japanese at the University of Rochester.  Upon graduation he went to Japan as an exchange teacher to teach English to Japanese students for 5 years.  He returned to the US via Czechoslovakia where he attended a school certifying him as an ESL teacher world wide (except in the US where one has to follow the traditional teacher path to get the job).  Eventually back to Malaysia under a government contract there to teach teachers how to teach ESL.  Fill in the gaps with a bit of global bumming around in Thailand, Cambodia and now in the PRC working for Tufts University,  Rutgers University and the University of Rochester, teaching ESL, SAT prep, Finance and AP math to high school students who wish to attend a US university.

He loves Asia and probably wouldn't come home to stay unless something really big happened.

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