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2 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

The first one is cool, but the second is a _)(&^%% mess!

Sigh, some of these techie researchers haven't learned basics about effective communication to the rest of the world.

 I haven't invested in any petroleum oil firms at all. I missed out on the boom but I didn't know the industry anyway at the time (even though I live with dearie whose entire career was with an oil firm).  I've gone to firm with a blend of other North American energy production sources.  Just a modest amount of shares but doing ok.  A few Canadian petroleum firms got removed from the Toronto STock Exchange Index list last year. So I've given up.  (I haven't given up on Canada, just on a specific industry sector from investment perspective.) Alberta has sh^&^%^%%y mess due to several hundred abandoned oil wells all over the place. Govn'ts have not taken the tough measures to force the firms to clean-up before they go bankrupt.

I am tired of seeing some locals sport T-shirts or jackets, "I love oil".  Ok.  But that won't be the long-term future big-time anymore and now with lower salaries, so the CEOs can still have their big bonuses, etc.   It's gone forever unless we live another million years when Earth will produce next batch of oil from fossilized matter.

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