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I hates getting ripped off!


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Furnace woes continued.

The new furnace has been sitting in my basement for weeks, waiting for permits.  Just got them, so maybe I'll have new heat soon

The plumbing supply store, however, is ripping me off!  I paid them in full for the unit in November.  I should have known it would be an issue, since it took a lot of phone calls and 2 weeks to get the thing shipped to me.  The manufacturer sent them the warranty settlement over 2 weeks ago, it took more calls and emails to get them to credit it to my account.  But $150 short.  They say it's a "Warranty Processing Fee" that they - oh, so sorry - "forgot" to tell me about.  

I've gotten quite a few different stories about what they did for $150, I've called them out on each lie only for them to come up with a new one.  I did all of the processing.  I know they did nothing - they had teh wrong claim number on the order!

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47 minutes ago, donkpow said:

Have you considered taking this up the food chain with the furnace manufacturer/supplier. It appears their authorized agent is taking undue advantage.

I let them know.  Their answer was "yeah, sometimes agents do that, they should have told you"

What really peeves me is the blatant lies they are telling to explain what exactly cost them any time of money.  The latest is that they were out the money for the furnace waiting for the credit.  Except I paid them in full, this was a credit (that I guarantee they would have kept if I didn't follow up)

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On 1/2/2020 at 5:27 PM, Page Turner said:

...I have never collected on a furnace warranty. I guess it's just a combination of luck, years of wood heat, and now living someplace where the winters aren't very cold, mostly.

I replaced the original nat. gas furnace in my mother & father's house in the 1970's.  After they passed away we siblings kept the house and I bought out my siblings' shares when I retired and downsized.  I ended up replacing the 1970's furnace in about 2007.  It's been no problem except for the few times birds managed to fall down the chimney, climb own to the exhaust fan and jam it.  Fortunately the furnace won't turn on if the exhaust pressure builds.  I cleaned them out 3x.

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I've had some bad luck with warranties over the years and there's almost always a depreciation clause in them.  Now, I don't get extended warranties unless the price is a small fraction of the item's price.  My limit has been 1/7 of the price in the past, figuring that the savings by not getting a warranty would more than offset occasionally getting it.  I might drop it even lower now.

The last big extended warranty was on a 55" Samsung Smart HDTV in 2015.  It was on sale for $649 and Costco always doubles manufacturer's warranties on electronics, so I got 2 years instead of 1.  I could also get an additional 3-year no-matter-how-you-break-it warranty for $59.99 and, worried someone would bump into it and knock it over in 5 years time, I bought the extended warranty - but note it was less than 10% of the sale price.


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