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It is Friday people and the first weekend of 2020...


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I might become a resolutionist and join planet fitness, specially because they are predicting a washout of a weekend.  I have been hesitant cause I don’t really have time to work oot on weeknights, and I hate to drive four miles to the gym, but I could do weekends.  Work will pay for it though. 

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Saturday until 4 pm: intermittently clean house.

Saturday 4 pm - on: Watch NFL Football.

Sunday: 8:30 am, cook breakfast and wonder why Sunday is the only day of the week without it's name having been corrupted over time.  The rest should be Moonday (or Middle English Monenday), Tiwsday, Wodensday, Thorsday, Friggsday, and Saturnday.  HOW could they mess up Saturnday, it's just one "n?" And what's next, will the "a" in "day" be dropped since so many already say Sundy, Mondy, etc.?  Since the accent is on the first syllables so day is barely enunciated well now, I can see that happening!

Sunday until 1 pm: do some cooking, wondering, cleaning, and financial records.

Sunday 1 pm - 8 pm+: Watch NFL Football

Sunday: 8:30 on: Phone cousin Sally, who is north of Philadelphia and really into football ever since her brother played in high school around 1950, and compare notes on the Seahawks at Eagles game.

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