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Which Peleton did you buy?

Square Wheels

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Yesterday my wife told me she almost purchased the cycling Peloton for my Christmas gift.  I asked what ‘almost’ meant.  She explained that sometime just before she was going to purchase it, we were discussing our son-in-law and niece who both ride their Pelotons and love them.  I told her I would never want one.

I’d rather just ride my rollers or ride my bike.  They were paid for years ago, and there is no monthly fee.

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I bought a smart trainer for the winter here to get some miles in over the winter on my road  bike and get WofZ to get some miles in before it is nice here to get a head start on her being ready for June riding.  I have done a few rides on it so far and it us pretty good 

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14 hours ago, Page Turner said:

...I just moved my self to someplace I can exercise outdoors in the winter.

I know it's cheating, but I don't care. :) 


I used to have a bike like that. Same color, but the road version. Stiff fork. Get a carbon fork that has a rep for having a decent ride.

It's a shame,  Hutchinson used to make the perfect tire for that bike, the Profile U.

I gave it to the bike shop guy that built up my Gunnar as a tip.

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When I got a treadmill, I got a used gym treadmill that was in great shape, and had a tv, the Cybex 770T.

Not wimpy.

I was lucky enough to have a place that sold used gym equipment in the area, and that the area wouldn't support the kind of prices you'd see in a large city. It would have cost a grand more in a place like NYC.

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