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My Nine Year Sobriety Watch.

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Cool and clever on word pun.

  Hope you'll be able to sell1-2 watches one day. 

I wear a watch..it did have market value...10 yrs. ago for $170.00. (When I bought it for $36.00 at a major bankruptcy sale 20 yrs. ago).  Not sure now.  At least I don't have to worry about losing it down a toilet or finding pockets to stick in iPhone or be forced to find it buried in purse/pannier. Watch clock arms are faux gold feather quill pen and scroll of paper. I like arty watches...that last.

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Awesome achievement!  Here’s a weird story that ties in both sobriety & a similar watch.

My oldest brother had been sober for over 35 years when he passed. I went to visit him before he died and he gave me two watches. One, a Seiko divers watch and a Citizen aviator watch.  He asked that I give one two the middle brother.

So I kept the Citizen and gave the middle brother the Seiko as he had one and my two brothers often compared their Seiko divers watches.  They had the same model but different style/color. I thought he’d appreciate it.  

When I gave it to middle brother he didn’t know he was getting it.  So I give him the watch and he says, OMG no fucking way.  Yeah I thought you’d like his Seiko.  No, my watch suddenly stopped working Sunday (the day our brother died)?!?!

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