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cold wednesday morning


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The normal high/low for my neighborhood in Central Maryland  is 42°/29° now, but we've been pretty lucky. December averaged 3 degrees warmer than normal and January has had highs mostly in the 40's and 50's - it's supposed to hit the mid 60's Sat. and Sun.

We should get within 40 days of March while experiencing mostly Fall weather. We'll have endured some weeks with highs in the 10's and 20's by then, so I love when we reach March because it "...goes out like a lamb" and I can see the light at the end of Winter's tunnel!

Yesterday we got an inch or so of snow that did little more than make the lawns white.  We've got a cool day tomorrow, then some nice days which will help my heating bill! It should be around 60° but breezy with possible occasional light rain during the Titans at Ravens game Saturday Night. The Ravens are favored by 9 but anything can happen in the playoffs:



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