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Happy Thursday!


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Rain Snow mix called for later today...they are saying mid day so it won't cos problems at drive time...or so they say! My workday got changed as I got home today...the Bedbug sniffing dog is off to WI....on an emergency...so that has been moved to tomorrow...and who knows what will happen regarding the phone call conference that didn't happen yesterday..they were going to tell me all about the new phone system coming in...

Tonight should be a workout night!!

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14 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

Will you have temperature restrictions? You know..can ride below 20 degrees or such?

I wasn't given any, however I will probably not ride ootside if it's <32°. My plan is to set my bike on the trainer and try riding there first. Just to make sure all is well w/ the position & such before embarking on an ootside expedition :)

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