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Happy 5th of July


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It rained since yesterday afternoon here and just stopped. The roads are a mess and my bike is very clean. I might hold off until later our tomorrow.

Congrats to mom's 90th!

They were originally saying that was supposed to happen to us, but we got very little rain.  Made for a great 4th, but things are a little dry here.

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Morning....thanks for the well wishes,

Today I'll do about 20 miles on the "tourer" mtb, then work on packing up the crap in the garage.  Need to throw away a lot that stuff, so it'll be an all day affair going through it and deciding what to pack and what to toss.


I may put the Univega down by the road with a for sale sign on it.  I really don't need  2 bikes....but I have such an attachment to that one, since it was my first good bike after I was dx'd.  You could say it saved my life.

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