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Easy, Free, Money-Prize NFL Playoffs Games


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Here are some games where you could win a big prize and all you have to do is answer several multiple choice questions about which player will score first, how many passing TDs, who will win, etc.

NBC Sports Predictor


$100,000 in prizes "guaranteed" each week.  There is also a weekly Premier League soccer predictor $50,000 game each week.

The site game button says "Sunday Night" but it's Saturday's Vikings at 49er's game - it's the last playoff game on NBC this season.  Enter before the 4:35 pm EST start.

Expert advice on making your picks is here: https://www.rotoworld.com/article/nbc-sports-predictor/sunday-night-7-vikings-49ers

Fox Sports Super 6 (Win Terry Bradshaw's Money)

This only runs on a smartphone app, the page below links to the app on Apple and Android sites..


$25,000 in prizes "guaranteed" each week and should run for each round.because Fox broadcasts a game each round including the Super Bowl.

This week's Fox game is on Sunday: Seahawks at the Packers. Enter before the 6:40 pm EST start.



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