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A reminder to jsharr and co about wrestling at the sex shop


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1 minute ago, Randomguy said:

Don’t do it.   Well, if that is your thing, have at it, but it sounds a bit weird, even for Texas. 

Texas needs to get their own Carl Hiassen. Carl has made millions writing about the weird in Florida.

I would bet ya Texas is even flakier, but they need somebody to talk about it like the way Hiassen does about Florida.

Btw, if you haven't read any of Hiassen's books, you really should. I like the books with Skink the best. Skink used to be the governor, but he wasn't corrupt, so now he lives in the swamp. In one book he lashes himself to a lightpost on a bridge so he could experience a hurricane up close and personal. He likes to lick toads because their poisonous excretion will get you high if you only get a small dose.


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