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Progress report on my side by side Hoka/ New Balance comparison


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So the bottom line is I think I confirmed that I am more of a new balance kind of guy. I’d say the bottom line is the hokas are aboot twice as nice with a caveat, but they cost 4 times as much. I am just not a luxury goods kind of guy. I would love a BMW or Porsche but I am quite happy with Hondas. 

I am a tad disappointed that neither can prevent my feets from getting sore after a few miles. The heavily padded sole of the hokas is wonderful, puts a real spring in my step.  And they seem to squirm less than the new balance.

The caveat is the toebox seems tighter on the hokas, and I am real sensitive to that. The new balance just felt perfect from the beginning and they almost feel like wearing nothing at all- just fabulous. :)

So I wear the new balance to work and for every day use and wear the hokas for walks with ruby.  I do enjoy the luxury very much, and it would be worth it if I knew they were better for my feets, but I have no data on that. But I am quite happy with both purchases. ( I bought the hokas first, and then couldn’t pass up a sale at kohl’s on the new balance since my last pair was the same kind of comfy. )

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Sunday Sunday Sunday.  Come to the big shoe. Bring the wife.  Bring the kids.  There will be feets of strength as the high dollar team Hoka One Ones face off against New Balance's Cyphers in ground pounding action.  Sunday Sunday Sunday


I miss those Sunday Sunday radio ads.  I really do.

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I've loved New Balance since they were the first to come out in different widths when I was coaching high school track in the 1980's.  When I coached cross country up to the mid-2000's, I recommended them to my athletes as a great, durable, well-fitting and supported, no-blisters, anti-pronation training shoe.

I had never heard of Hoka until a couple years ago.  I was in a park wearing my pretty Green New Balance Borakays, which I got for something like $49.99 on an Amazon Prime Day sale.  Another exerciser named Dave came up to me and asked, "What kind of shoes are they?"


After I told him, I asked what the cool-liking blue shoes he had were.  "They're Hoka One One's," he replied.


I went home and looked them up on the Internet - $110 was too expensive for me.  For the next month, every page I looked at on ABC News, USA Today, etc. had an ad for Hoka One Ones!  Damn those cookies!

My current favorite exercise shoe is the New Balance Nitrel V3, which comes in beautiful "Cobalt Blue." You can see from the sole pics that it's wider at the toes than the Boracay's above. It also has a hard rubber "toe protect" shield at the front.  These were $69.99 at Amazon.

I got the Borokays in normal width - I wanted a comfortable but tight fit because I hadn't walked miles for years and wanted to avoid blisters. If I was walking 10 miles I'd probably prefer them now.  I got the Nitrel V3's in wide and they are extremely comfortable for my typical 2-3 mile walks.



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