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The Ravens have struck out.  Titans 28, Ravens 12.

The Titans played a superb game.  The Titans had only the 21st-ranked passing defense, but they kept the Ravens limited. Lamar Jackson completed 31 of 59 passes for 365 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT and had 143 rushing yards on 20 carries.  The Ravens had more total yards than the Titans, but 3 turnovers and 4 failures on 4th down doomed them.

Too bad a spectacular season ended this way, but the Ravens have almost every starter signed for 1 or more additional years, so next year should be fun.

The Ravens looked rusty and the injuries to their best running back and best receiver showed. I do not know why the Ravens didn't run Gus Edwards instead of bad-calf Mark Andrews.  The few times Edwards got the ball, he was excellent: 3 carries for 20 yards vs Mark Ingram's 6 carries for 22 yds.

I wonder if the Ravens will rest their stars on week 17 the next time they have a playoff bye?  Two weeks off and they looked rusty.

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Judging from the reactions on the postgame and news shows, I don't think it's going to be like the absolute anguish after the Baltimore Colts lost to the Jets in Super Bowl III.

The general feeling is that we've had fun watching the Ravens lead the league in scoring and getting the #1 playoff seed.

The Ravens have virtually every starter (I think 21 out of 22) signed for 1 or more years, so next year should be fun.

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My experience with watching home teams in the playoffs is be elated when they win -- but be prepared when they lose.  There's really no other way to view it Mick.  Your team had a helluva season. They ran into a red-hot Titans team.  The Titans will be the underdog next week and they're going to win.

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