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Jan `12.......It's 60+ and grill time.


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We hit 71° yesterday and 65° today.  I took advantage of today's last day of tee shirt weather to try to find the leak in my tire with the help of my brother-in-law. We plugged a leak 2 weeks ago, but the same tire continued a slow leak.  We finally found (spraying Windex on the tire) a two year old plug that was leaking and replaced it.

Hopefully I'm now good for when winter starts here, possibly mildly creeping in a week from now!  It's only 49 days until March 1 right now and it's been a very pleasant December and January so far.  Once we hit March 1, I become a much more positive person because I can see the light at the end of Winter's tunnel.  Daylight time kicks-in in Maryland and most states on March 8, the Spring Equinox is late-at-night on March 19 ("early" because there's a Feb. 29th) and March goes out like a lamb.


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