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Facebook Notifications - Grrrr


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What's with these mindless notifications telling you to wish somebody "Happy Birthday." I always ignore them rather than be part of the horde of friends responding.

Today takes the cake though. I was invited to wish a friend "Happy Birthday" who has been dead for a couple of years. Which is worse...unfriending a friend who is deceased (but may still have some updates from surviving family logging onto his account) or really appearing as an uninformed dork and wish them a happy birthday.

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My wife and I had a friend who passed away eight years ago. She always gets a bunch of happy birthday wishes on her birthday. Must be from her really close friends, don’t even know she is dead and hasn’t posted in eight years. My cousin died a year ago. His last days he was confused and couldn’t remember his password so he opened a new FB account and sent me a friend request. I didn’t accept it because I wasn’t sure it wasn’t a clone. He passed away shortly after. I still have the request, should I accept it?

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I know you can tweak, the notification settings somewhat. Don't know if you can turn off other birthdays or not. I typically only friend people I'm ok having in my house so I am fine sending a happy birthday or 2 most days. 

The dead friend thing is tough. Mom chose to delete Dad's account, but they required a copy of the death certificate to do so. When my cousin died of cancer, her sisters chose to keep the account active so they can send memorial messages on her birthday or days when they are really missing her. I even posted there a couple times because she was pretty special. I cleaned out my friends list a while back of people who were casual acquaintances who had moved on or passed away. I left a couple active because their families were keeping the site updated. They asked people to share their memories of the friend. 

Do what works. If it doesn't work for you, do something different. 

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