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WHAT?! Epsom salts in bulk?


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10 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Take a bath with them, mix them in water and drink it then take a dump with them, sprinkle on your garden where you plant peppers for better harvest.

I always meant to try them for tomatoes and peppers but never did. Just the word “salt” doesn’t seem to go with garden!

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23 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

Lately I am really delving into trying to buy things package free.  I recently found that I can buy magnesium salts in bulk at my favorite grocery store.  

To make my day even better, checking out was a breeze as the checker knew how to do tare weight.  


Price per pound??? If the price is still higher than packaged, bulk makes no sense. If the price is same or lower, YAY!

We get the package of two 6lbs bags at Costco:


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