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2020-01-14 Birthdays

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Thanks, guys. I stop by here on occasion, but nowadays I feel like a poser. The last time I rode a bike was almost two years ago when I took my son to Amsterdam. That is a great place to ride. 

Since I only come here from time to time, I know I've missed a lot of news of the old members. I think of a lot of you often. Do TER, Fred Taylor,  PissedoffLAX, Rocketman, or Meatpuppet ever show up? Also, I can't remember the name of the guy who owned a used bookstore in Wisconsin. I was fortunate enough to finally meet a forumite when I met FloridaYankee when she made a connection at the Charlotte airport. Just thinking of the names from yesteryear makes the memories come flooding back. 

Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes and memories. I hope you all have safe rides and constant tailwinds.


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Happy birthday @Ernest T. Bass. Are you going to stop and say hi again? I haven’t ridden for over a year, been taking care of my wife. I hope to be able to ride this summer. Florida Yankee bought a motorcycle and crashed it in a beginners cycling class. I think she is going to be alright. Not sure if she is out of the hospital yet or not.

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