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Friday/Saturday storm a coming


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My co-worker (the 78 year old who should retire) was already trying to figure out when the storm was gonna start...she has a closing at 1pm...which means I have to deposit the check...and she and I both have to be there...well...actually...I could stay home...Meh if ain't all gonna come at one time....


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We've been under a winter storm advisory since Jan 1. You don't complain, you don't panic, you ski, ride your bike, and you deal with it.

Send it.

“No Unnecessary Travel” and chain law level 1 is in effect

13″ 1.14.20
8″ 1.13.20
18″ 1.12.20
3″ 1.11.20
15″ 1.10.20
18″ 1.9.20
1″ 1.8.20
8″ 1.7.20
9″ 1.6.20
5″ 1.5.20
3″ 1.4.20
4″ 1.3.20
14″ 1.2.20



Teton Pass open

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11 hours ago, shootingstar said:

Like I said I am the most northernly member who participates in this forum.... and I'm not even in the ARctic at all:

Right now, it's :   -32 degrees C (-26 F), with -40 C /F wind chill.  Not much snow on ground tonight....but dangerously cold.  :frantics:

Dang that's brutal.

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We're expecting a "wintry mix" on Saturday.

Today is sunny with a high of 54° that "feels like 60°" so I'm taking Jake for a 2-mile walk on a sunny park trail around 2 pm wearing a tee shirt under a very light flannel shirt I'll probably unbutton or take off and tie the sleeves around my waste: I don't expect another day like this until late March.

Tomorrow is forecast as 52° with high winds followed by highs between 30° and 40° until Friday of next week, so I need to get my walk in today.

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