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So I was able to get my chain replaced without cursing Skippy


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Needed to replace the chain on my bike, it was frozen solid from hanging on the bike in the garage for years without being ridden.

It was also time to feed the dogs and they were following me around barking and growling.

Got done and gave them some damn Skippy.

Image result for skippy the dog

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Just now, maddmaxx said:

Serious bike post:  Carry a sock in your bicycle bag.  You may find other uses for it such as holding your tools but it's really there for when you're on the road and someone tells you to stuff a sock in it.

We've discussed the socks jsharr has sitting around. They are disgusting.

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26 minutes ago, jsharr said:

seems a bit high, but I am not complaining.  At this point, I will take whatever pearls the meter scatters before me.

It must have been the dog.  Parody Meter likes dogs.  Cats, not so much.


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