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8 hours ago, petitepedal said:

Air temp..windchill is like - 28.  News says  black ice is starting to form...

I think yesterday was our only day without commute issues due to weather.

Fortunately, I've had few days like that since I finished grad. school at IIT in Chicago.

One bitterly cold night, I had to work in my lab at IIT until about 2 am and went to my car in the parking lot to drive to my apartment only to see a flat tire.

I got out the 4-way spinner lug wrench which always had worked but never seemed to fit really tight - maybe it was metric.

The spinner just spun around the lug nut!  Somehow the exposed nut contracted more that the wrench. I didn't know if that was due to being exposed vs in the trunk or due to different alloy composition or for some unconsidered reason.  After this incident, I never had a problem with it!

I remembered we had a huge adjustable crescent wrench in the lab for some big equipment that was no longer in operation. I was about 1 1/2 feet long.  With it, I was able to grab just enough of the lug nuts to remove and then replace them.  I kept the borrowed crescent wrench in my car for several weeks.

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