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Thursday Pre storm dinner


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Got a text from my trainer this morning...his 4:30pm client cancelled...could I get there early...WTF yeah I left work about 3:45.  He was gonna have me do squats with a bar on my shoulder..but my right arm (the one with the lipoma and the shoulder issues) didn't quite like that position...I wonder if it is due to scar tissue :dontknow:  Anyway... had a good workout...Well...back to the morning...

I left home...and forgot my purse and cell phone...came back...good thing cos I was in charge of bringing in a sympathy card...co-worker Norma's dad died :(...and I left the damn card on the counter by the door...So the return trip home (from3/4 miles away) was worth it.

Went down to the shop with the card and Derek (from Maintenance handed me 2 Weight Watchers meal kits..(Apparently WW got into the meal kit thing too...and you can get them at your LGS) Anyway...I often ask how his wife is doing,,she went back on WW a few months ago..He tells me..GREAT...I tell him to tell her she sucks :D Although I did say...I could still kick her azz at the gym :whistle:  Anyway he mentioned these meals and we talked about these different meal prep companies...and he brought 2 in for me..they are the same..tomatoes , kale, pasta and a "sauce" of pesto and cream cheese...Made it tonight after my trainer session..2 servings..yes I only ate 1...but I did dice up some chicken into it...  I will say...it was quite good..pasta was pre-cooked...probably took 10 minutes to assemble..I guess they are spendy,,however she got these on sale at her LGS..

That was dinner..oh and a touch of smoked salmon that Derek gave me at lunch...home smoked...

The End!

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34 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

Why did he bring them in for you?

Cos we chat about food..his wife is an awesome cook...but struggling with her weight..this is the second time she has embraced WW and it works for her...And as co-workers go he is good peeps and actually a friend... I am bringing in a recipe today...they got a new stove and his wife baked some cookies that are very similar to some muffins I make ...So I will share the recipe...

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