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Hey...The Weekend starts tomorrow (at the end of the work day!)


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I am hoping mine starts at Noon... Plans...a couple of quick groceries..MAYBE...just maybe some pistachio shortbread tea ..with milk and sugar it will be my sugar/sweet fix.....Then home to learn about the New Condo Snowblower...cos I will be operating it!!

Pizza, Naps...Cooking shows, Laundry :runcirclsmiley: Except for a 1/2 day...pretty much a regular weekend!!  They are cancelling school already @Airehead Some closed all day...some 1/2 day

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I drove the wrong vehicle today. When I left the house at eight am the sun was up with a beautiful sunrise. I sat in my wife’s hospital room right next to the window. They had the blinds closed to keep the sun from shining in our eyes. We never opened the blinds all day. At supper time I prayed for my wife and gave her a kiss and left to go home and make dinner. When I got to the hospital door I couldn’t believe it, we had over six inches of snow on the road and white out conditions. I have never driven the Oddesey in that much snow. It got me home but it’s a bit squirrelly. I wonder why they had not plowed the road? The hospital is on the main road in town. Once I was ten miles out of town the road was plowed and salted and in good condition.

This weekend I need to move furniture around to make room for a hospital bed in the living room. My wife had some suggestions that involved moving every piece of furniture that we own. I said no. I think I’m just going to move the couch (big heavy couch with two recliners in it) 90° from where it is now and slide it as far as I can toward the dining area. I’ll move rocking chair into the spare bedroom and that should do it. The little grandkids won’t be able to circle from the living room to the kitchen through the dining area and back into the living room but they will get over it.

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Depends what the weather does. We may see significant lake effect starting Saturday afternoon. If that forecast firms up we will go to town Saturday morning for groceries etc. then hunker down and watch it snow. At this point they’re guessing  two feet or more with 40 mph winds. 

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