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Primer and Paint Combo Paint

Mr. Silly

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I am painting the living room this weekend.  I really don't want to prime and paint, I'd much rather just do it once.  I used primer and paint combo paint on the ceiling and that worked well.  When I painted the ceiling though I was painting white paint on a white ceiling.  The walls of the room are a taupe and I am planning on painting them yellow. 

Do you think the primer paint combo will work or should I bite the bullet and get a dedicated primer? 

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Good paint will cover. Behr paint from Home Depot is the best, Sherwin Williams paint is very good too. I had beautiful deep red walls and my wife wanted beige. I told her I’d give it one coat and if she didn’t like it she would have to do the second coat. The Behr paint did a great job with only one coat. I miss my red walls.

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1 hour ago, Longjohn said:

Behr paint from Home Depot is the best

This is all I ever use.  I use a lot of the primer/paint combo.  I've always had good results.

Even if you had to use two coats due to a radical color change, it wouldn't be any worse or any more work than using a separate primer and paint.


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I've used good and bad combination products. The worst of them ruined the brushes and gave a poor finish. I still prefer primer paint and top coat. Primer isn't so much about cover as it is about giving you a coating with 'tooth'.  Primer paint is formulated differently than top coat. You put on a nice uniform primer coat and the top coat goes on very good. 

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