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Hard or soft?

Road Runner

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I prefer hard candy.  I usually buy Lifesavers assorted flavors in a bag.  I like the individually wrapped ones because I will usually limit myself to just one with my coffee. 

Yesterday, my store was sold out, so I bought the gummie version.  Except for not having to worry about breaking a tooth, the gummies are nowhere near as good as the original hard version.  

It seems gummie style candies are all the rage these days.  I don't get it.    yucky.gif.5af36540caca7c28d3cf3a35bf627841.gif :(

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Unless its a good caramel or taffy, I like sugary candy hard rather than soft.

Early in my high school coaching career, I ate Gummy Bears so much I developed a permanent lack of desire for them.

When I coached high school Indoor (Winter) Track, our meets were held at the 5th Regiment Armory in Baltimore, a 30-40 minute drive from our school.  We often didn't get home until after 9 pm and we worked out a deal with our area's Pizza Hut to open after its closing hours just for us (40-50 customers!) so the teens would have something for dinner - it wasn't guaranteed at some homes.

That's a late dinner, and the kids would often run across the street from the armory to a sub shop and buy a sandwich, hotdog, or fries but, to keep from getting stuffed just before running, jumping, or throwing, they mostly bought Gummy Bears.  They didn't have any equivalent hard candy.

To keep my engine running I ate them too while coaching the high jump, running flights of the shot put, timing races, etc.


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