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Anyone skiing in Tahoe today?

Prophet Zacharia

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1 minute ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

1 dead, one seriously injured.

The avalanche happened near the Subway ski run at Alpine Meadows ski resort, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Horrible. I wonder if avalanches are relatively "normal" in Tahoe and they should have a way to prevent/control them?  Is Tahoe in a heavy snow season?

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43 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

So, answer is probably "no"?  Or maybe they just close some of the runs or one side of the mountain?

...they never close an entire resort or multiple resorts for avalanches. Too expensive.

They do have a pretty aggressive avalanche control program using mortars and the ski patrol.

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Avalanches are a daily occurrence here. They bomb JHMR every morning. Sometimes they bomb Snow King too. SK is in town and the bombing is super loud, rattles your windows. 

We have an avalanche center that tracks them and lots of avalanche training goes on. They teach a level one avi course at the high school.

There was a big one yesterday.



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